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I’ve got two early learners here. One is great, albeit somewhat shaky-handed, with writing numbers — just seemed to learn to write them naturally. The other has struggled with them for a while. Even after a couple of years of math there are still reversals in many of the numbers.

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Since this learner is pretty auditory I went looking for a way to help with the problem. Enter my friend Donna, who always has a few tricks up her sleeve. She loaned me some number tracers with poems she used in her classroom years ago — back before she left teaching other kids to teach her own.

I loved the little poems and the green and red dots to help a student know where to begin and end the stroke of the number.

I decided to make a set of these for my own guys and asked Donna if I could share them here as well. She said yes, so I made up a set on the computer for you to download and print.

Learn to Write Numbers Printables

Click to download this set is on regular letter-size paper.

Click to download this set is “four-up” with four numbers to a sheet.

If the downloads do not work for you, then you need to update your Acrobat Reader program here. That will fix the problem.

I printed the second set, cut them apart, and laminated the set. Then I put them on a jump ring and we use a dry erase marker to practice the tracing. You could also slip the full-sized numbers into page protectors and keep them in a binder.

To accompany these we have a few favorite counting books that we love.

A Frog in the Bog– This one is my favorite hands down and the kids like it pretty well too. It counts to five and then back again in Karma Wilson’s rollicking rhyme. Lots of opportunity for reader exaggeration and FUN.

Every Buddy Counts: Counting– My kids love the MathStart books and this one is no exception. A sweet book about counting friends important to little kids.

The Water Hole– This book is a beauty with stunning artwork showcasing animals from around the world as well as a bit of humor. I find this one tucked away in Olivia’s room often.

Click, Clack, Splish, Splash– The cows from Click, Clack, Moo are back along with an entire farmyard of mischievous animals on a mission of mercy. Good fun.

In the photo above John is working with a dry erase marker. We quickly determined that it smeared much to easily on the lamination — especially for a lefty. Wet-erase markers to the rescue!

You can use the ones for overhead projectors (brings back memories of high school math) or you can choose something chunkier for little hands like these Wet-Erase Fluorescent Markers. Crayola also makes a larger size dry erase crayon.

I hope you enjoy!

Pam Barnhill

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