Six Great Gifts to Encourage Reading

Six Great Gifts to Encourage Reading At our house, we are very blessed to have a two car garage sized play room. It is lovely. It is HUGE! Right now it is home to our train table, a box of oversized building blocks, play house and a couch for reading of course. While this makes my younger crowd quite...

Your Biggest Read-Aloud Mistake

Your Biggest Read-Aloud Mistake When she was six, my daughter told me she didn’t want to learn to read because then I might stop reading to her. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but then six-year-olds aren’t known for their logic, are they? Lucky for her it wasn’t too long...

Learning to choose good children’s books

Learning to choose good children’s books How do I know if a book is a good book? What I mean is, how do I judge the children’s books I run across, the books that aren’t on my book list? Oh, how I wish I had simple, shortcut answer for this question! I still remember the day I realized that I...
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