How Can I Teach Latin When I Don’t Know it Myself?

How Can I Teach Latin When I Don’t Know it Myself? Most of us begin our classical education journey like this: at some homeschool conference we stumble into a talk that sounds interesting by Dr. Christopher Perrin or Andrew Pudewa. Excited about all the wonderful things we hear and learn, we quickly attend every...

Latin Prayer Folders

Latin Prayer Folders Memorizing Latin prayers and scripture is one of our favorite things about learning Latin. The kids just love that the familiar prayers we know so well can also be said in Latin. Mostly we learn by repeating the prayer over and over or by finding a version set to...

How to Enjoy Latin in the Elementary Grades

Olivia told her dad just today that her two favorite subjects in school are reading and Latin. This makes a mama feel good to hear after all of the struggle we had with her reading and finally finding our way. As for the Latin, this has been something she has loved...

Latin Review Game Race to the Colosseum

I am so excited about this post. We have been enjoying Prima Latina this year for our Latin studies, spending each week working through our workbook (love that open and go!), listening to our audio, and making our own flashcards to learn the vocabulary. Which is all...

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