Using Podcasts in Morning Time

Using Podcasts in Morning Time Morning Time is a great time to add podcasts to your homeschool day. And fortunately for us, there are a ton of educational and entertaining podcasts available to make learning fresh and interesting for the entire family. In this video, we talk about many of those...

Poetry Resources for Your Homeschool

Poetry Resources for Your Homeschool Poetry has to be one of my favorite things in the entire world. Sigh. Yes, I know not everyone feels that way about it, especially since some old spinster English teacher probably may you dissect the symbolism in every poem you read as a child. Unfair. When you step...

Homeschooling 102

Homeschooling 102 In our last episode, we chatted about how to do homeschooling as a brand new beginner. This episode is for the mom who has about a year of homeschooling under her belt. She is ready to take on more information without becoming overwhelmed, but she also has enough...

Homeschooling 101

Homeschooling 101 Are you or a friend brand new to homeschooling and not sure exactly what to do first? This video takes you through the very first baby steps to getting your homeschool off to a great start. Feel free to add any questions in the comments, and we will be happy to help...

Geography in Morning Time

Geography in Morning Time Geography is a subject that I just love to study, and I happen to think it is a perfect fit for Morning Time. In this video I show you some of our favorite resources and techniques for doing geography with a wide age-range of kids together in your homeschool. *This...

HSTV Thriving at the Homeschool Convention

HSTV Thriving at the Homeschool Convention I love to go to the homeschool convention, but it can be a bit overwhelming. After six years of attending I have learned a few tips that help make it easier to get ready, get the most out of your trip, and recover when you get home. *This was recorded live on...
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