Ikea Homeschool Room Makeover

Ikea Homeschool Room Makeover Note from Pam: Since you have seen my homeschool room makeover, my homeschool room hacks, and homeschool room organization tips, we thought it would be more fun this year to see Jessica’s homeschool room makeover we did last December. (Actually we were supposed...

Six Tools to Organize Your Homeschool Room

Six Tools to Organize Your Homeschool Room Right now is about the time I look around my homeschool room and realize that things need a bit of sprucing up. The semester has been long and involved, and in the busyness of our school days things don’t always get put away or cleaned up on a regular basis. Now...

How to Use Washi Tape in the Homeschool Room

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned our use of washi tape in my five homeschool room hacks post. We are loving our washi tape here. The kids love the fun designs, and I love how easy it is to grab things for the right person when they are labeled with a bit of tape. The...

Homeschool Room Redo

Homeschool Room Redo This homeschool room makeover was a long time in coming. After a couple of years homeschooling all over the house trying to find just the right spot and finally settling on the formal dining space our makeover is done. How about a tour? Do you remember the before...
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