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Hi I’m Pam. I’m cook, chauffeur, teacher, sometimes house cleaner, and main boo boo kisser. In this space I strive to help you be the best homeschool mom you can be. Feel free to email me at pam@edsnapshots.com.

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Once upon a time girl met computer. Sure it was short, black and white, and only had a five inch screen, but it was love at first sight.

That was ages ago and the computer, nope the entire world, has changed (I can remember my first visit to a web-page in a computer lab with my seventh grade students!) but my affinity for technology, information and sharing have not.

Which is why I write Ed Snapshots.

Here I hope you find help and information about homeschooling, resources for teaching, technology, the occasional easy recipe — anything you need to make you more confident as a homeschool mom. Anything you need to make your difficult day in the trenches just a bit easier.

My local friends know that I am available when they need a curriculum recommendation, an idea for a new approach to teaching, or just a pep talk. I hope that you come to see that too.

Hang out. Click around. Ask a question. If I don’t know the answer, you can bet my computer and I can find it for you.

I’ve been a teacher, graphic designer, yearbook nerd (amatuer and professional), and now I am a wife and homeschool mom — married for the past twenty years to the love of my life, Matt.

I spend my days with a nine-year-old girl, seven-year-old boy, and a five-year-old tornado. We make our home in the Deep South where the days are hot, the air is humid and the tea is sweet.

I dig photography, a well-written period romance, a good Australian red wine, and a little peace and quiet on a regular basis. Inside my head is my absolute favorite place to be.

We are us-schoolers, who are beginning to discover truth and beauty through Classical education influenced by a bit of Charlotte Mason. In the past we have dabbled in unit studies, Montessori, project-based learning and unschooling, and you will find all of that reflected here.

I converted to Catholicism in 2009 after spending my childhood in various evangelical denominations and my young adulthood as an arrogant agnostic. An intellectual convert, I have since found that the Church is full of wisdom, beauty, and most importantly grace.

I invite you to pull up a chair, grab a cool (or hot) drink, poke around the archives and stay awhile. Here are few favorites to get you started.

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