Traveling Through the Pages: A Summer Reading Adventure


Ah summer! I remember the hot, sticky days from my childhood — free from school and most obligations with plenty of time to do my favorite activity: read! I spent hours in the library each summer pouring over the stacks, trying to find the best books for those long days. Reading took me places — it was an adventure.

Now as a parent those summer days still stretch on before me. Days with less structure have a tendency to bring more bickering — your house too? Not only do I want my kids to bicker less, I want them to adventure more! Even though we can’t travel the world, we can bring the world to them — through books. And it just so happens there is an added bonus of what the reading does for their imagination and academic skills.

So in a effort to promote all those good things, plus a large dose of FUN, we present the Traveling through the Pages Summer Reading Adventure.

Throughout the month of June we will be offering fun ideas, book suggestions, helpful tips, and even a few surprises. To get started, download our handy TTTP Reading Adventure Pack. Enter your email below and you will receive the pack via email. Signing up means you will also receive a weekly email from us each Friday starting May 23 with program updates and links to all the fun goodies.

So be sure to sign up and check back for updates and follow our Summer Reading board on Pinterest for even more summer reading inspiration.

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We are excited about the fun things we have to share this summer. And Happy Reading!

Pam and Jessica

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